Burning Man

Burning Flame photo

A pinpoint flame,
when nurtured,
grows into a roaring fire
that too must die.

Just an interesting musing about cycles on my birthday.

Burma, or Myanmar

Aung San was a tough young belle
against oppression she did rebel
as a prisoner for 15 years
her freedom was met with cheers
So do we call it Burma, or Myanmar – well, well!

Aung San Suu Kyi - Burma or Myanmar photoThe British colonial name of the substantial country bordering India, Laos, Bangladesh and China is Burma. In 1989, the then military government changed the name to Myanmar which was not recognised by many in political opposition and certain ethnic groups.

So do we refer to the country as Burma, or Myanmar? Such are the debates the international community has about a country that has an appalling human rights record and is ranked the bottom of the list of 190 countries in terms of health care. Go figure.

If you believe that such issues really matter, you’ll also likely believe that you might win if you play on this type of website! Optimism knows no bounds.

Things change

Julius Malema photo

There once was a young man named Julius
whose expulsion was totally vicious
For the ANC you see,
now consider him debris
though once they thought him delicious!

No matter how safe you think you are, you never know when things might change for the worst. It’s smart to be prepared.

* * *

Photo Source: Stephane De Sakutin/ AFP/ Getty Images

Magic that lasts

Green, Purple and Blue Yarn image

There once was a girl named Shaan
who was enchanted by a ball of yarn
twas green, purple and blue,
made by an evil shrew
who had been locked away in a barn

If such a thing exists, human nature makes it more amenable for black magic to last. Yes, yes – the ambiguity in that sentence is quite deliberate.

* * *

Photo credit: Adapted from Nikki Wheeler’s photo on her blog. FYI Nikki is certainly not an evil shrew locked away in a barn. Actually, she’s quite a talented artist worth checking out – http://nikkiwheeler.blogspot.com/2009/01/food-colored-yarn.html


Piton silhouette photo - St Lucia March 2012

Sitting before Petit Piton
sometime just before dawn
said a lil’ mouse
to its spouse:
“Hon, I quite fancy a prawn!”

While the physical setting can sometimes change your mood, setting your mind changes everything, regardless of where you are.

Being liked

There was once a man named Jay Cobb
who was anything but snob
he knew little of finance,
economics or romance
but still wound up leading the mob!

The smart often forget that being liked often gets you further in life than being smart.

Jacob Zuma photo

Stimulating Rants

DASO poster image

The loving embrace
of a couple, mixed race
caused such anxiety
about impropriety
… and they’re only at first base!

Politics, sex and religion are topics that frequently inspire passionate, ill-considered responses. Perhaps it’s because identities are so closely tied to them.

The question is how can you use this pattern for financial gain?

Of Mice and Giants

Giant on the beach photo

There was once a man named Bryant
who was quite the corporate giant
he had a fear mice
which wasn’t very nice
but it sure made him a great client!

You’d be hardpressed to find a situation, no matter how dire, in which nobody benefited in some way. The corollary to this is of course that there is an opportunity in every situation.

It’s Complicated

There once was a girl John dated
who claimed things were complicated
it later turned out
that without any doubt
she found men were simply overrated!

It's complicated photo

Most times, things are not as complicated as we make them out to be. In fact, what we really want rarely ever is anything but simple.

My favourite senryu

Sunrise in Maputo photo

sunshine or rain,
an inspired world
smiles upon its muse