Change of fortune

There once was a guy named Buck
who had a run of real bad luck
till he played lotto one time
and won a gold mine
only to get killed by a truck

It is often comforting to think that things will turn around and by all means you should be comfortable. Sometimes though, the truck of life only turns around to run you over. C’est la vie.

Effectively Managing Stress

A man so filled with stress
was forced to change address
for in his house,
there lived a mouse
that once saw him undress!

Sometimes, it is worth carefully examining what is bothering you and considering whether it is worth the effort to be concerned or stressed about it. If you’re doing it right, you’ll find that not much merits the effort.

Burma, or Myanmar

Aung San was a tough young belle
against oppression she did rebel
as a prisoner for 15 years
her freedom was met with cheers
So do we call it Burma, or Myanmar – well, well!

Aung San Suu Kyi - Burma or Myanmar photoThe British colonial name of the substantial country bordering India, Laos, Bangladesh and China is Burma. In 1989, the then military government changed the name to Myanmar which was not recognised by many in political opposition and certain ethnic groups.

So do we refer to the country as Burma, or Myanmar? Such are the debates the international community has about a country that has an appalling human rights record and is ranked the bottom of the list of 190 countries in terms of health care. Go figure.

If you believe that such issues really matter, you’ll also likely believe that you might win if you play on this type of website! Optimism knows no bounds.

Rational Thought

There once was a man named Ben
who felt like a pig in a pen
he thought as he waited
that his feeling was dated
he knew it would change, but when?!

An interesting thing about the human mind is that if something is important enough, it will build structurally sound bridges to link to it. Unfortunately, very often the only mind that is able to cross that bridge, is the mind that created it.

Internal Drama

There was once a man from Cape Town
who wore a constant frown
folks failed with style
trying to raise a smile
‘cos he just hated that he was brown.

If you are feeling miserable about something you can do nothing about, then it’s probably time to look at things differently. Unless of course you rather enjoy being miserable.

Good Conversation

There was once a genius named Stark
who really was quite a bright spark
but when faced with girls
his brain would do twirls
and he’d make some silly remark!

While intelligence often informs the content of a discussion, it is interesting to note that good conversation is largely a process skill.


In Dublin lived a man named O’Hare
who possessed quite an awkward stare
so everyone looked away
without any delay
until as an heir he had something to share!

Most people opt for the path of least resistance for themselves unless they have something significant to gain from doing otherwise.

The happy little sad girl

There once was a girl who looked sad
but for her I didn’t feel bad
for she made a fortune
through her grave misfortune
of looking sad whilst scantily clad!

In life, you have to make the most of the cards you’re dealt – even if it means you have to bluff your way through it at times.

The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways

“To Bill,” wrote Jane in a letter
“I am eternally your debtor.
For if it were not for you,
I’d not have met Hugh
in a clinic to get the clap better!

As the old adage goes, everything happens for the best. In any case, you’ll probably be happier and more positively hopeful believing that than any of the alternatives.

Prince Charming

There once was a toad named Wart
who enjoyed a raucous cavort
till he received a kiss
from a girl seeking bliss
turns out he tasted great with port!

As is so often revealed, things are not always what they seem with love and romance.