Effectively Managing Stress

A man so filled with stress
was forced to change address
for in his house,
there lived a mouse
that once saw him undress!

Sometimes, it is worth carefully examining what is bothering you and considering whether it is worth the effort to be concerned or stressed about it. If you’re doing it right, you’ll find that not much merits the effort.


Piton silhouette photo - St Lucia March 2012

Sitting before Petit Piton
sometime just before dawn
said a lil’ mouse
to its spouse:
“Hon, I quite fancy a prawn!”

While the physical setting can sometimes change your mood, setting your mind changes everything, regardless of where you are.


In London, there once lived a mouse
in a rather opulent house,
but despite all his quid
and no matter what he did
he couldn’t beat the Famous Grouse

Some challenges are just more difficult to overcome than others. Sometimes, if it’s important enough, it is worth considering some alternative measures to defeat your nemesis.