Pratish Mistry – Writer

The following is a sample of Pratish Mistry’s writing portfolio:

Universe and Mad Butterfly cover
The Universe and the Mad Butterfly takes the reader on a journey to explore different perspectives on life, spirituality and the world we live in. This thought-provoking book is written in a form of Haiku verse and stimulates the reader to discover a new outlook on past experiences and an increased self-awareness.

Author: Pratish Mistry
Contributors: Tenzing Rinpoche (Foreword); Shilpashree Balaram (Illustrations)
Paperback: 156 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 0-9553189-0-4
Publication date: June 16, 2006

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Kineosho - website screenshot
This is the website for Pratish’s soon-to-be-published spiritual fairy tale titled Kineosho learns to walk. More detailed notes on both the book and the website to follow shortly.
Newstime - Richmark Sentinel column
Newstime is the newly launched, revamped Richmark Sentinel website.
Poems for Haiti
Pratish Mistry is one of a number of established South African poets that contributed to this anthology. Poems for Haiti captures in verse some of the trauma, humanity and social consequences in the aftermath of a severe earthquake that broke the country.

Foreword: Professor Peter Horn
Publisher: Poets Printery, South Africa
ISBN: 13- 9780620464734
Launched: 13 October 2010

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