Executive Decisions

An executive spider named Eve,
did once a tangled web weave.
Swamped with information,
she lived in hesitation
of decisions she had to conceive

The mark of a good executive is the ability to effectively synthesise information and analytical data to make decisions. In fact, that is what they should be getting paid for.

What matters?

There once was a monkey in Bangalore
who wanted to live in Mangalore
but she couldn’t decide when
so she tried practicing Zen
Now it just doesn’t matter any more!

Isn’t it amazing how often we fret about things we think are so important but really, they are just not. If only there were some way to figure out what is important and what is noise.

Making decisions

There once was a man in doubt
over all he could be in doubt about
until one day he met
his ultimate regret
and ended his decision-making drought!

Both decisions and indecision have consequences. It is often not until you know what you really want, or a decision is made for you, that you realise that procrastination has cost you dearly.