Beauty Distracts

Beauty distracts photo

We can often find beauty in unexpected places. It is generally a function of our awareness, state of mind and what we choose to focus on.


  1. “Beauty for an instant through a tattooed trunk throwing triple twenty!”

    WOW! Talk about Alliteration! :) I thought I used to anxiously alliterate almost all my words but you beat me to it! :)

    Your verse is above me though…what is a triple twenty?

    But for sure yes in general I agree beauty like most things is how we perceive it…

  2. Pratish says

    Triple twenty in this instance refers to the highest score on a dartboard. If you ever get a chance to see a darts tournament live you should take it – it will probably give some context to the alliteration too.

  3. Oh OK…I understand it now…

  4. Interestingly it also reminds me of the term- “shoot the moon” for some reason…

  5. Ravi Naicker says

    Very intriguing stuff. Your poetry allows its words to take residence in its readers. Enigmatic!!!

  6. Thanks Ravi.. glad you’re enjoying it! I have been a bit tied up with work but I plan on putting my entire book online in this format. Whereabout are you from?

  7. Ravi Naicker says

    Sorry, I never got to replying to your response. I am from Umzinto on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast. How can I get hold of your book? Take care. Keep on writing.

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