A different normal

There was yet another girl named Mary
who was really quite contrary
from the very time she woke
she lied when she spoke
honestly, t’was just very scary!

The question of what is normal and what is not, is quite an arbitrary one. As one experiences more and one’s boundaries expand, the scope of what can be considered normal inevitably grows.


In Dublin lived a man named Dick
who was the most annoying prick
he would sneer, all sly
whenever he would lie
then he’d give his moustache a lick!

The poker players amongst you will know that a tell is something – usually an action or expression, that gives away the reality of a situation. If you’re confused about whether someone is being truthful, observe carefully – you have more information than you think you do.

Much to be revealed

There was once an ape named Joshua
who claimed he’d never eat foie gras
till his girlfriend found out
that he lied through his snout
and drove over him with a car!

We playfully disguise the truth at our own peril – turns out it’s pretty good at hide and seek.