April’s Fool

There once was a fool named Chases
who said he really wasn’t racist
in fact some of his best friends
were blacks and blends –
he even met them in public places!

It’s generally a better measure to judge what people are like by what they do, rather than what they say.


Piton silhouette photo - St Lucia March 2012

Sitting before Petit Piton
sometime just before dawn
said a lil’ mouse
to its spouse:
“Hon, I quite fancy a prawn!”

While the physical setting can sometimes change your mood, setting your mind changes everything, regardless of where you are.


In Tobago lived a man named Jack
who came constantly under attack
his head became numb
under his wife’s thumb
so he switched from rum to crack!

It doesn’t usually help to run away from your problems, but sometimes, if you rum really fast, it might.

The Sleepy Grasshopper

There once was a grasshopper
who enjoyed a good stir
until one day she crept
into a Prada bag and slept
waking up to a Chinese connoisseur!

It’s probably worthwhile keeping your guard up, or at least not falling asleep when engaging in some mischief!

Rums and Bums

John once met a fellow in St Lucia
who said he really didn’t fancy tortilla
but then after some rum
a fairy rubbed his bum
and suddenly he loved all things fuschia!

Isn’t it amazing how the right thing at the right time can reveal so much more about the inner person than the deepest of conversations with them?

Many Paths to Enlightenment

Once a tall man named Vasudeva
became quite the devotee of Shiva
Later he learnt
following some weed he burnt
that it’s quite enlightening smokin’ dooba!

Of the many paths to enlightenment, it would be a rare find to discover a path on which you do not ultimately wind up completely comfortable with yourself.

The Art of War

In Tobago lived a man named Bumpat
who was really mean, and also quite fat
one day his slave
tried to teach him to behave
so she fed him until he went splat!

In life, as in aikido, often the most efficient means of taking down an opponent is to use their own weaknesses, and indeed strengths, against them.

Within your means

A salsa dancer from Trinidad
was really, really, really bad
until he found out
that he in fact had gout
so he quit and moved to Riyadh

Some of the most interesting challenges in life need you to both define and accept your boundaries. In doing so, you can open up a world of new possibilities.

Life in the Caribbean

There once was a girl named Amy
who was filled with Caribbean glee
but it turned out she drank
Carib beer from a tank
so it wasn’t really glee, it was pee!

Even in the Caribbean, things are not always what they seem. Often those wonderful feelings inside, need to be brought out for full enjoyment.

Getting started

There once was an awful prig
who wanted a musical gig,
but he never left his bed
till his mother sternly said
“Get out, you lazy pig!”

It is against the flow of nature to do anything from a state of inertia. If you do overcome that inertia however, it becomes a lot easier to gather momentum. So the question is, what is that first step you need to take to give you just a little bit of momentum to get going?