Incriminating Evidence

If only you knew
What she had in view
You’d be tickled pink
And inclined to wink
Well… until you see it’s photo of you!

Funny how things are often so much funnier when you’re not the butt of the joke.


When John realised his time was up
He bowed his head and raised his cup
“Screw you,” he said
Despite all prepared
For he wanted to be remembered as a cocky pup!

Not everyone has the privilege of realising that they have limited time left in this life. If you are one of those few, preparing an exit speech might be a worthwhile exercise.

Set them free

Baby won’t you please release me
like a bird I wanna be free
No, she replied
and like a crocodile she cried
I bet I’d make diamonds from debris!


There once was a man who was bored
So he thought he should visit a fjord
He then flew off to Norway
where he decided to pray,
for a gorgeous blonde please Lord

Simple Solutions

There once was a cute girl named Dimple
who was mortified she might see a pimple,
so she locked herself away
for forever and a day,
her solution was really quite simple!

Deep down, you know

Confusing is the path to happiness,
when there’s a conscious effort to get there.

How often we follow the opinion of that tiny fraction of our brains, at the expense of what we know we really want.